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I feel like I have made this same statement a million times before. Please, allow me again and I promise it won't be the last time. Hardcore, metal and punk rock music isn't supposed be pretty or pleasurable. It shouldn't be nice and most of the time we don't want to hear one positive thing you have to say about about your sugar coated, cracker jack life . It's about time someone pisses in the popcorn, fouls the flavor of your bubble gum, pops some balloons and punches the clown! The Emo fairy hoppen' boys that rule todays music scene might feel like doing a lil 2 stepping to this jig. But they may leave the pit with a broken nose. Troy-based band All For Revenge have just released the very angry CD "Conspiracy of Silence". The cookie cutter has been demolished through these 9 gear grinding tracks of metal crossover, in the tradition of War-time Manner, Sheer Terror and Carnivore. Vocalist Mazzeo, has a lot to get off his scarred chest and he isn't doing it by hiding behind a raspy whine, or a gutteral death metal vocal approach. As does every single new Metal-core-crap band ! Instead every word is heard loud and clear. The angry beast is unleashed with a violent attack on our corrupt government, drug pushers, and the fooled masses, zombi-fied by tv/internet . A few topics these Troy boy's are not afraid to expose TROY-CORE generation 4 has been united ignited, and ready for war. Prepare for very bad things to be exploited and the truth will be told whether you like it or not.